Monday, October 29, 2012


Halloween is by far my favorite holiday! Although I wish it happened more often, when do you ever have everyone outside walking their neighborhoods...together? Dressing up, acting a part, candy...?!? Yes, I have a sweet tooth like the rest of woman-kind:)

Dressing up for our family, usually happens more often due to themed birthday parties! For Halloween we plan out our costumes well in advance, since I am the ambitious mother, who likes to make the costumes from scratch. Here are some not so great pictures of past costumes.

Joslyn- Bumblebee (bought) Mom- Garden Fairy
Joslyn- Dorothy (bought) Mom (not pictured)- Wicked Witch

Tinkerbell, Princess Tiger Lily, Lost Boy, Peter Pan
Holden- Lost Boy
Tinkerbell, Lost Boy
Alice and Mad Hatter with Bama!

Queen of Hearts, Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit

Darth Maul and Lord Sidious

Poison Ivy
With Uncle Bugsy

Bat Girl (I hate sewing vinyl)

Sally and Jack Skellington
Holden decided yesterday that he is no longer going to dress up as Jack Skellington, rather he would like to be a cowboy! Well, since I am awful at tailoring (no patterns for me), I only made to his coat as you can I was very willing to let him be a cowboy (we have the components for that costume)!