Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest Cooking!

My week of Pinterest cooking went...okay. I had fun making new things, but the kids were not that impressed! I realize that the link I used did not work, so here are the individual links to the recipes I used:
Chicken Rollatini , Fajitas, Mac and Cheese and Gluten Free Crepes (I didn't get to these)

Fajitas were tasty! Joss ate the steak and I cut up some fruit, Holden was being a punk and asserting his "authority" by refusing to eat (actually all week)! I made him eat a couple bites of steak and he ate some raw bell pepper slices.

The Chicken Rollatini was scrumptious! My husband and I were wowed with the flavor. Joss loved it and when I told the green stuff was shredded zucchini, she said 'I didn't even know I liked zucchini!' (10 points for mom) Holden had refused again and I had to make him eat it:( He cried, he screamed, he sat in time out....I told him that he could not do anything until he ate all of his chicken. I did allow him to scrap off the cheesy zucchini stuffing! Still a wasn't until he saw Joslyn and I playing heads or tails with a coin that he finished his dinner, so he could join us. Who knew?!?

Macaroni and cheese was supposed to be a real hit....due to the time change I got a late start on it! We ended up eating at 8PM (eek!) and I think I was not patient enough for all of the cheese to melt. It took what seemed like an eternity since I was so hungry. I thought it the taste was great, but the texture was strange. I see a redemption night in the near future!

Pizza night was yummy! I did actually post pictures for that night....come on don't be hard on me, I'm still new at this thing!

Instead of eating out at our thai restaurant, we went to the brand new In 'n Out that opened up down the street from our house:) Dangerously close!

Instead of crepes on Saturday, we had corned beef and cabbage sliders at my cousin's engagement party!

Sunday was supposed to be the mystery night and we actually had ESPN Zone with my family!

It's always fun to mix things up...although this week we went back to our staples! Check it out next week when I go on a mission to use foodie blogs for my recipes. I wonder if the average mom can pull them off and have their kids like it too!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I know this may seem insignificant....but today my blog has had 400 views:)  Seeing those numbers shows me that I am still a newbie, but it is worth the brain squeezing to stay on top of moments to keep this blog running:)

Thank you to all who have taken a glance at my posts!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Yummy Pizza

We so enjoyed that pizza! Baking it in the skillet was a last minute decision and it was a good one! The crust was nice and crispy on the outside and warm soft on the inside:)

Everyone thought it was delicious, except Holden...but I think he is going through a picky food phase. I know all the moms out there know what I am talking about! Joslyn had 2 1/2 slices, I had 3 and Dan had a whole one!

I have used other gluten free pizza mixes before, but this one was a definite must have for in the future:)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

No mixer

Oh the luxury of a arm wishes I had one and my wallet says "sorry"!

Tonight for pizza night, one I know the kids will love, I am topping one cheese only and the other with mushrooms, bell peppers and cheese:)

Oh I can't wait! But for now I must finish cleaning while I wait for the dough to rise!

Finished Craft Room Pictures

Here are the pictures from my Craft Room organization....
 I still have a lot to do!
 And actually, because of my two boutiques and wedding that I am doing pieces for, it is almost back to it's original "hoarders" state:(
But at least now I have a better system in place:)

What are ways that you manage your "in process" projects?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinterest for Recipes

Today I am planning my menu for the week! I am not super consistent with this practice, but every now and then I like to change it up. This week my goal is to use recipes that I have found on Pinterest. Due to a budget, I have to use what I already have. So this is more of a tester of new recipes. In my pantry is Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Mix, Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Cornbread, as well as some salad ingredients.

I do have a lot of recipes already pinned, but most of them are full of carbs, full of cheese or full of sugar. Most of the time I think I repin these recipes and imagine eating them:) Well today I am on a quest to find healthier options for dinners this week...they have to be gluten free as well. Oh kids have to like it too! I will probably modify some of the dishes with ingredients I already have or to make it husband safe (gluten free)

(took a break to find them)

Here is what I am going to try to cook and wow my family with:

Monday night my daughter has a dance class, so I need something easy. I will be making Fajitas!

Tuesday night I will make Chicken Rollatini Stuffed with Zucchini and Mozzarella (that was a mouthful).

Wednesday night my son has baseball, so again I need something easy. I will be making leftover chicken and salad, with mac and cheese for the kids.

Thursday night I will be making Pizza with toppings I already have.

Friday night my daughter has another dance class, so we will probably eat out at our favorite Thai Restaurant Panvimarn.

Saturday night I will attempt to make gluten free crepes filled with eggs, cheese and mushrooms.

Sunday will be a mystery! (I guess whatever I have leftover)

Here is a link to this week's menu board on pinterest.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Joslyn's Prayer!

My daughter is so sweet! Every night she prays...and I get to hear how she relates to God. Tonight it went something like this;
 "Dear God, I know tonight Math was pretty frustrating. But that doesn't matter, its because you love us so much...that is what is important and you want to help.You are so gentle and loving and full of kindness....."

There was so much more to her prayer, but I didn't record it:(

She is only 6 and already I see her drawing near to Him. She used to pray repeat prayers that I said in previous prayers, but this is coming from her heart and understanding of God as the loving parent. Tonight I referred to Him as the "ultimate" parent to her and she thought that was true!

What a wonderful opportunity I have every night, to peek into her heart! Thank you Lord for Joslyn!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I get the priviledge to create some pieces for a friends are some hair accessories for the bride! Pictures of the garter set and flower girl dress are to come.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Participate in a project!

f r e s h a r t • donate and volunteer
Here is a great opportunity to your talent for a cause. Whether you are a new or a veteran to crafting...this site gives you a tutorial on sock monkeys and a cause to give it. Try it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marriage Retreat

This was the beautiful property I was privileged to visit last weekend with my husband. This place was gorgeous! If I remember correctly, the owner said it was built in the 1900s...I know these pictures are only a portion the beauty, but here it is anyway.             
We were there for a marriage retreat with Adventure of the Heart. I recommend everyone to experience one of their retreats. They have one for women (I'll be attending the next one!) called a Woman's Encounter, a Men's Expedition (my husband went last September and came back radically changed) and then the Marriage Retreat.
 Reese and Sandy Bricken are a great couple who seek to share their story with others who want to begin their "hearts journey"!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Boutique!

Yay! I have been on a one year hiatus from "at home" boutiques and I miss it so much! I love getting together with people who are just like me and sharing our passions with others.
The first one is on March 31st and the second is on Cinco de Mayo!!!! We have a variety of vendors, from home based businesses to inspired creations and original crafts.

As always my brain is racking up the ideas of what I can have at my booth! Aprons and hairclips are pretty standard for me....but I would love to do some homemade salsa and barbeque sauce, as well as some papercrafts, jewelry, girls dresses and boys super hero gear! Is it too much? :) Probably, but hey I have fun doing it!