Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trying new things!

Today I was able to spend a nice, kid-free lunch with my husband! Thanks to my mom we were able to go down to Main St. Seal Beach and dine at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants, Beachwood BBQ. Now don't mistaken this time as a needed break from our children...their Bama just wanted to hang out with them:) So they did a sleepover and we went out for dinner and a movie with friends! Actually, yesterday after she picked them up, Dan was asleep on the couch and I laid there thinking...I love the quiet! But after about 20 minutes, I was bored!!! My kids bring so much entertainment and life to our house that I can't imagine one without them:)

Well that my friends is what we call a "rabbit trail"! So we were at Beachwood and enjoying our food, when Dan asked if I wanted to try his blue cheese grits. Now I have never tasted grits before, but I also have never been too excited to try something that looks like mush! I politely said 'no thank you' as he held the fork in front of my mouth waiting for my taste test. But he was not going to let me get away with not trying one of his favorites...and this is where he got me! "But your taste buds are always changing" he said with a beaming smile. This IS what I tell my children all of the time! So I took the bite reluctantly.

I love trying new things even if it doesn't look appealing. Though, there is something about comfort that can keep me from finding my new favorite hobby, book, restaurant or even friend...kind of like a pancake getting stuck to the skillet when it's ready to be flipped. I don't want to get peeled yet, but when I do I find that when I'm cooked well, I taste better......WHAT!?! Ok, I was trying my hand at an analogy that obviously turned weird:)

With that said...I am looking into some new blog platforms. I don't have the following (YET!) to justify paying for my own domain, so it needs to be free. The pancake sticking, is the fact that I love Google! It's simple, it's attractive and super convenient...but I am trying new things!

Flip me over! :)

***Also, in case you were wondering, the blue cheese grits were ok. The taste was there, but just as expected, the texture was gritty mush:) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I just did a guest post!

I was asked to post monthly on a blog that I follow! It is for a California based Etsy team that I am a member of :)

Here is the link! Tell me what you think:)