Stay At Home Mom

Yes I get to stay at home and I promise I do not take any of it for granted! I know that not everyone has this luxury, but neither did I...until my husband told me we were doing a network marketing company. Say what!?! I didn't even know what that meant..."you don't know a thing about owning a business", " I hate taking vitamins", were some of my thoughts at the time!

Well I needed to learn for myself what it was all about...because I am the type of wife who thinks she needs to pick up after her husband in every aspect (a fault of mine). So I did some research and realized that I had been to many "parties" for friends who were working this type of business. But I am not a salesperson!!! How do I fit into this...

I do have to be honest here, but I was VERY resistant to HIS new venture and it did cause some tension and distance. But soon I was taking the product and feeling great. I did not get sick as often, I was sleeping deeper, had more lasting energy and I was reading so many great things about this company. That was when I realized that everybody needed to know about these products, because that's what we women do...we try something and if it's great we tell everyone and if it's bad...we tell everyone!

So without realizing it, I was contributing to OUR business! SHARING...not SELLING! I am considered part time, but I am able to contribute to our income by talking to others about a product and a company that I love! I am now a huge advocate for health!!!

Here are some links to information about USANA Health Sciences and what I love about them!

USANA Health Sciences (There are also some great videos on here)
Children's Hunger Fund
Kathy Kaehler Celebrity Personal Trainer
Athletes are using these products
Dr. Oz is now endorsing USANA
Celebrites (This page only talks about the skin care line)
Founder and Visionary Dr. Myron Wentz

For more information please contact me at

8/20/12- We got iPads from USANA!!! To celebrate their/our 20th anniversary!
4/28/12- Saw Dr. Oz today! Thank you USANA for your education
9/24/11- Team Spirit Walk in honor of my mom! This picture is of my husband in the kids' wagon...