Monday, May 28, 2012

No T.V. Week!!!

This last Saturday my beloved husband came home with a wonderful idea....a fast from television. What a great thought....we have abstained from the tube for a day or two before, but have not committed to a whole week! So you can imagine my excitement at the mention of the opportunity to BLOG about something new, besides my failed cooking:)

He talked about a week, a few weeks...a MONTH! Whoa, hold on there...let's just start with a week! I started making a "mind" list, we can do some pinterest crafts, we can go for walks, we can swim, go to the beach, cook together, read...the list was getting so long!

On Sunday, I was home alone while the kids were hanging out with their Dad. I was continuing my Dawson's Creek marathon on Netflix, when my family walked in the door shouting "ooh, NO T.V., Mom!" What?!? Now mind you, I was not cheating, because I was unaware of our start date. So imagine your husband turning off the T.V., just about the moment when Joey was going to kiss Dawson for the first time!!! I was floored and totally agitated!

I really loved the idea of no T.V., but I HATE when someone tells me what to do! There is something in me that just boils and turns rebellious at the thought of being told what to do. So I did the obvious and reasonable thing....I ignored him for the night!

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