Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012! The year things become a reality!

How many times have you heard "this is MY year"?

I know I have heard and I have said it. Some years I have made small goals/resolutions, so that at the end of the year I was not disappointed. Or I have made a goal that I was already in the process of!

So the last month of 2011, I spent a lot of time, thought and prayer over my new and some renewed goals. This time would be different because I have in mind to actually make action plans to succeed.

Goal #1 Blog about my goals:)
Goal #2 Organize my craft room
Goal #3 Make a legitimate business out of my creations
Goal #4 Attend Craftcation
Goal #5 Take my home based business to the next level
Goal #6 Send cards to friends, family and customers
Goal #7 Take more pictures
Goal #8 Make an outfit
Goal #9 Go to more hair classes
Goal #10 Take a family photo
Goal #11 Update my wardrobe
Goal #12 Mini triathlon

I might have to come up with a new post, since I know that I have more goals than this. The idea for myself is to make these goals achievable and approachable. I find that I'm great at ideas, but I'm terrible at making them a reality....but no longer is that going to be me! I want my children to believe me when I say "You can dream big and make it happen, you are capable", they will see me do it!

I had read a while back The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, and was inspired by his list of dreams. He had a pretty good list, with extraordinary goals and common goals, some were silly, but it didn't matter because they were HIS!

Please join me and make your list of things that you put off, big or small. Send me a link to yours, so we can succeed in them together. This is the year become our reality:)

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