Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amazing Breakfast

Since today is the last day of January, that means it is the last day to finish putting away my craft room/office! Now I know it is already 11:30 am, but I promise I have not been slacking off. Actually, I took my husband out for breakfast in Long Beach, at a great diner called Coffee Cup Cafe.

One day last month, I was taking one of my high school students out to breakfast, our plans were halted when our favorite diner, Starling Diner, was closed for vacation. I went to my trusty website Urbanspoon.com, for a top ten list of breakfast places in Long Beach...and as always they delivered, instilling even more confidence in their judgement. The Coffee Cup Cafe has a great warmth and welcome to it, as if when you walk through their doors and it's your first or second time...you are one of them, long time customers, "regulars"!

So of course I wanted to boast in my knowledge of great Long Beach classics, to my husband who was born and raised. I think he loved it! My favorite menu item...actually it's the only one I've ordered, is Juan's Favorite. An omelette (more like a burrito, wrapped in egg with no tortilla...terribly description) filled with onions, bell peppers,mushrooms, cheese and VEGGIE chorizo! Yes! I know, right? I love the chorizo, but the idea of what it is, makes me sick. So when I saw there was a veggie version, my taste buds leaped (you didn't know they could do that, huh?) and it tastes just like the real thing, without the images of pig scraps :)

Anyway, I have already submitted this restaurant to Diners, Drive ins and Dives....(yet to hear a reply) if you find yourself in the wonderful city of Long Beach, stop on by and tell them I sent you....they don't really know my name:)

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