Monday, September 24, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes!

Today as I was dropping Holden off at school in workout clothes, he stopped me and said "mom, whay are you wearing pajamas?". Now, for background, I need to let you know that my husband does not really like or understand why people wear their pajamas outside of the house. And of course the kids know this, because all kids know what their parents' likes and dislikes matter how aloof we are about them:)
So, I turned to my cute 4 year old and let him know that I was wearing what lookef like pajamas, because I was going to workout. I said "Holden, are you asking me that, because you are embarrassed of me?" Holden with concern on his face, says "well...I think people will laugh at you". Oh so sweet, he wanted to protect me from shame!
When is it that we stop caring what others think of us?

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