Monday, April 16, 2012


Yes I did just say that! I washed my car today at my mom's house, so I could do something productive:) When I finished making it sparkly and shiny, I put my phone on top of my car. Because obviously that is the most practical place to put a phone...right? It wasn't until I drove to my house, then drove to get and then drove to pick up Joslyn that I realized my phone was left up there. My mind starts to flood with scenarios of my phone's destination. The gutter, someone's windshield, the middle of the street...ugh now I have to buy a new phone. Which is so not in my budget right now!

But maybe, just maybe it is still on my car....I walk over with utter doubt...and what do I see, MY PHONE!  Oh my goodness, what are the odds? Have you ever done something so stupid and turned out that you were ok?

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